24 June 2013

MadHatters Review

The MadHatters Review was started by the late Carol Novack, who was both a poet and an attorney. Her past included work in the Criminal Appeals Bureau of the New York Legal Aid Society and later as a solo practitioner, according to this tribute,
. . . championing the causes of artists and the underprivileged.
More from the tribute
From the mid-2000s, she began publishing her gender-bending hybrid metafiction— “her little aliens,” as she called them—in many journals and anthologies, including: American Letters & Commentaries, Exquisite Corpse, La Petite Zine, LIT, Mississippi Review, Notre Dame Review and Caketrain. In 2005 she founded the Mad Hatters’ Review, one of the first online journals with a true multimedia approach, marrying literature, film, art and music in an annual collage of some of the most explosive arts on the web.
Others have since then taken over the cause of her literary project.

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